• Alistair Williams

One Year On - Vogue Business Talent

A big focus of 2019 was the launch of Vogue Business and Vogue Business Talent. Talent had its first birthday last week and goes from strength to strength.

With an every expanding global reach and over 100,000 signed and screened members from the finest fashion talent, it hosts premium fashion brands from Chloé and Cartier to Ralph Lauren and Richemont.

It was a project that I, as founder, launched from scratch in less than 9 months. With a bespoke site and full creative and product development it became a passion project for our small, focused team of brilliant people. As well as listing jobs, companies could share news and stories, and spark up a dialogue with prospective employees. Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Harrods and Louis Vuitton all trialled a beta offering of the service and we worked with over 8,000 international professionals over six months to get the proposition right.

And it was probably the only time that I'll appear in Vogue's many international editions as the launch was covered across the world!

Here's the article in Vogue Britain.

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