• Alistair Williams

Essential Creation Tools: The Business Model Canvas

For capturing and condensing an organisation's vision, one tool that we come back to time and again is the business model canvas.

What is it? It’s a simple one page summary of how you reach your value proposition, looking at your audience, your assets and what investment is needed and in turn what revenues and ROI follow.

This one page document has been integrated into many of our clients' regular reviews. However a business model canvas could and should be an ongoing, organic summary document that gives clarity to the focus of your business and the elements that ensure success.

It's a framework that we have used for new product launches on Vogue Business and Vogue Business Talent, yet it's similarly used to shape and evaluate current business models and is particularly useful when pivoting the business.

I'm happy to share a blank canvas or answer any questions - just drop me an email at

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